About Little Rooms

Designer Ester Delug created Little Rooms in early 2007. After five years in operation followed by a three year hiatus, Ester is thrilled to re-launch Little Rooms with its debut collection, Unified Theory. Inspired by space travel, Unified Theory explores retro futurism using Victorian and Art Deco elements.

Little Rooms derives its name from Ester’s childhood hobby of creating intricate dollhouses from cardboard. With an eye for detail and a love for all forms of visual art, Ester studied special effects, animatronics, and graphic design. She had her start in the jewelry industry assistant designing licensed jewelry for such brands as Disney and later became Designer turned Creative Director at fine jewelry house, Jacquie Aiche. Ester cites her biggest inspirations as architecture, science fiction, Victorian anything, and vintage animation. She is a Los Angeles native and has every intention of living in her fair city until it sinks into the ocean.

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