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Alien Studs
Alien Studs

Alien Studs



73% of all reported alien encounters in the US are of Grey aliens, also known as Roswell Greys or Zeta Reticulans. They are typically described as being human-like with small bodies, smooth grey-colored skin, enlarged hairless heads, and large black eyes. They lack external human body parts such as noses, ears, and mouths. Though referenced in literature since the late 1800s, newspaper reports from 1965 of the Betty and Barney Hill abduction made the archetype famous. Under hypnosis, Betty produced a “star map” which she claimed located the home planet of her abductors in the Zeta Reticuli star system. Wear the Greys in Silver or Gold with these sweet studs earrings.
Product Details
  • Available in .925 Sterling Silver
  • Available in .925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated in 18K Yellow Gold
  • Butterfly backings
  • Black CZs
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