Triceratops Island Ring

The Bone Wars, also known as the Great Dinosaur Rush, was a period of ruthless competitive fossil hunting during the Gilded Age of American history. Two paleontologists, Edward Cope and Othniel Marsh, at first friends who both named species after each other, engaged in a bitter rivalry using underhanded methods to try to outdo each other in the field. The first Triceratops bones ever discovered were in Denver in 1887 and were sent to Marsh. He first believed it to be the bones of a bison. Upon discovering more bone fragments, a year later Marsh changed his mind and named Triceratops. Though Marsh is credited with the discovery and naming of Triceratops, it is said that Cope technically discovered the species 15 years prior. Show your love for one of the most iconic creatures to ever roam the Earth with this vintage inspired two finger ring featuring Blue Topaz.

Not available as a mini ring.




$180 $125

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